Unleashing E-Commerce Potential

It’s well-known that in the last years after-sales product and service offering has turned into one of the largest revenue source for Manufacturers in many industries.

However, the continuous manufacturing engineering changes and the increasing demand for always more customized products, make the management of the aftersales products and services information increasingly complex.

One of the main aims of the E-PARTS solutions ecosystem is to provide Manufacturers with software tools and methodologies to manage this complexity, supporting them in the centralization process of the after-sales products data coming from the several manufacturer systems, such as ERP systems, PLM, CAD systems, … in terms of eBOM, item master data, design changes, product features, … for the creation of a centralized after-sales Knowledge Base which turns into one of the main pillars for the implementation of the E-PARTS after-sales software solutions (e.g. Spare Parts Catalog, Scheduled Maintenance, …) to provide end-users of the Manufacturer, such as the Dealers, Field Service, End-Customers, … with software tools to easily find accurate after-sales products and services information at  Serial Number level, in terms of spare parts, accessories, scheduled maintenance, repairing procedures, consumables, workshop tools, …

The E-PARTS platform capitalize on the after-sales Knowledge Base, to create a single-source publishing of the after-sales products data and services information, consistent for the different publication channels, such as:

  • After-Sales Products Catalogs addressed to the end-users of the Manufacturer
  • Digital Commerce solutions, based on the Digital Commerce stack of the E-PARTS platform, through the which the Manufacturer can sell after-sales products and services to other potential customers, both businesses (e.g. Independent Workshops) and end-customers, also on the base of B2B2C business models
  • Enterprise Marketplaces, that capitalize on the Digital Commerce stack of the E-PARTS platform, also allowing third-party vendors to list their products and interact with buyers

e-PARTS AfterSales Spare Parts

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