Ducati “builds emotions”.

It is the manufacturer of the world’s probably most attractive motorcycles, which are the result of a deep commitment to racing competitions; they are the purest expression of refined skill, unmistakable design and, above all, a great passion for bikes.

Its excellence is based on a number of technological features — such as the Desmodromic valve control system, the steel tubular Trellis frame, the L-Twin engine — which need to be carefully managed along their entire lifecycle to provide end customers with their top performances.

The need and the solution

To have their component management area steadily contribute to such technological excellence, in 2012 Ducati asked Key Technologies to help them introduce a new Parts, Accessories and Apparel catalog based on the e-PARTS  platform.

The Parts, Accessories and Apparel catalogs and the management of online ordering, delivery and order tracking processes developed by Key technologies integrate within NDCS , Ducati’s system that supports the worldwide dealers network in the managing of aftersales processes.

Having the latest Ducati catalog running in the newly released version of the e-PARTS tool drastically simplifies the process through which Ducati dealers sell genuine Ducati parts, accessories and apparel.

In detail, the solution implemented for Ducati includes, among others, e-PARTS TACS , the web-based e-PARTS solution which allows manufacturers to support their processes of analysis and authoring, and  e-PARTS Explorer , which makes it easier for internal users, dealers, authorized service workshops and end-customers to browse parts catalogues, technical documentation and related after sales business information interactively.

e-PARTS Explorer also supports e-Commerce processes such as the ordering on-line of spare parts and accessories. It integrates with corporate order-management system as well as with other existing systems, while the e-PARTS e-Commerce Module  is the solution that makes online sales more effective and easy to manage.

Effective multi-channel outputs

Among other benefits, the system includes multi-channel outputs that can be easily and effectively delivered also on tablets, such as iPads . At the point that Apple ‘s CEO, Tim Cook , mentioned Ducati’s DCS among the best B2B apps developed for iPad during a keynote speech on the subject: for more detail, view the case study here .

The goals and objectives

The Ducati Parts and Accessories catalog provides a complete reference of all model specific components and performance parts plus the latest clothing and gear. Parts departments can now easily and accurately locate accessories for their customers. And with seamless integration to NDCS Dealer Management System, parts and accessories can be added to an invoice with one click.

Having the latest Ducati catalogs running in the newly released version of the e-PARTS tool drastically simplifies the process through which Ducati dealers sell genuine Ducati parts and accessories.