More effective spare parts management

With headquarters near Udine, in Northeastern Italy,   Danieli  (Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA) is an Italian multinational company leader in steel work equipment, with a turnover exceeding 3 billion euros.

The need and the solution

Danieli appointed  Key Technologies  to implement the Spare Parts Catalog platform for their plants and the Emergency Parts List that Danieli suggest their customer to stock . Based on the   e-PARTS  solution, the platform caters to different typologies of users, ranging from the staffs of Danieli’s service structure to their commercial partners and end customers of their equipment.

Through e-PARTS users can identify in an easy and univocal manner the components of each plant and order the original spare parts directly on the Danieli systems. Danieli’s customized e-PARTS solution is solidly integrated with the designing and manufacturing systems and allows the company to manage the catalog’s entire lifecycle through integrated tools that automate most operations previously requiring manual processing and specific know-how.

Goals and Benefits 

In terms of priority goals, the solutions proposed and implemented for Danieli want to achieve multiple and different aims, such as the reduction in management times and cost for catalog creation, with a special attention to improving the quality improvement of the published information.

Besides, also relevant are the automatic-enable content publishing in multi-channel mode (web, tablet, DVD, pdf), the creation of an up-to-date and the intuitive tool for all users – in order to correctly identify components – and the achievement of significant increases in the sales of original spare parts .

Since 2013 Danieli stood out for the use of news and highly outstanding solutions.  In this light, there’s always been a great quest for the best products offered by the market and, not coincidentally, Key Technologies was chosen thanks after a long pan-European software selection, directly performed by Danieli .