Key Technologie s is a leading provider of documentation management software solutions and services. We have a long, established experience and a strong expertise in technical documentation management processes: whatever your document management needs may be, we’ll meet them.

Winning on both sides

With Key Technologies , you’ll be winning on both ends of the documentation management: through e-DOC TechInfo you can improve the structured documentation creation and deployment of technical documentation (e.g. product instructions, safety information, workshop manuals, operator’s manuals, service bulletins, etc.) for complex equipment and services. It easily transforms the technical documentation into interactive web-based applicationsthat can be integrated with services, support processes and existing back-office systems at the manufacturers’, customers’ and channel partners’ premises.

On the other hand, our targeted documentation completely parametric rule engine platform e-DOC HighWay will help to configure, process, dispatch and monitor document requests. Supporting all types of documents, e-DOC HighWay will allow you to deliver large quantities of perfectly personalized documents to highly profiled recipients, with the utmost degree of precision.

Our documentation management software product line-up is based on the software platform e-DOC, a complete and customizable web-based software solution entirely developed by Key Technologies .

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