In the travel industry, and especially in the cruises segment, sending the most correct document to the appropriate person at the right moment is a business-critical task. However, this often implies a number of time-consuming, expensive manual processes, that may also lead to more errors.

E-DOC HighWay  is  Key Technologies  ‘s response to deal with these issues. Based on our proven documentation management platform E-DOC, E-DOC HighWay  is a  completely parametric rule engine  platform designed to configure, process, dispatch and monitor     document requests. Supporting all types of documents, E-DOC HighWay will allow you to deliver large quantities of perfectly personalized documents to  highly profiled recipients  , with the utmost degree of precision.

Following are only some of the advantages you’ll achieve by implementing your customized version of  E-DOC HighWay  :

  • Flexibility – The rule based configuration system allows you to make major and minor changes in complete autonomy.
  •  Reduced time-to-market – The rule based configuration system allows you to quickly test any configuration change and put in in production.
  • Document Production accuracy – The rule based configuration system allows you to work by differences so that common changes can be easily applied all over the ticket configurations.
  • Maintenance costs reduction – Few people are required to configure the system.
  • Full control over the configuration process and the production process

e-DOC HighWay