The leading web-based platform for After-Sales

e-PARTS is a leading software solution for the after-sales business management, which is implemented through a business data layer on which specialized business modules and solutions can be implemented and integrated for the management of different after-sales business processes, such as:

  • Spare Parts Catalogs
  • Emergency Parts List, Maintenance Parts List
  • Technical Documentation (e.g. Operator’s Manual, Maintenance Manual, Product Instructions, Safety Information, Workshop Manuals, Service Bulletins, etc.)
  • Repair Time Schedules, Service Packages, Scheduled Maintenance
  • Parts Reference, Quick Reference (or high-turnover) Catalogs
  • Accessories and Merchandise Catalogs
  • Aftermarket cross-reference Catalogs

All of these modules can integrate the e-PARTS e-commerce module in order to manage the processes related ordering on-line of the parts and the related order tracking.

Spare Parts Catalogs

Each business solution implemented on the e-PARTS platform can be implemented either as stand-alone solutions or, taking advantage of the consistent business data coding, as integrated solutions, enabling this way the end user for browsing the entire after sales business information consistently.

The e-PARTS solutions include two main modules for authoring, publishing and browsing parts catalogs, technical documentation and related after sales business information.

Authoring has never been so effective

e-PARTS TACS: the leading web-based software solution that allows manufacturers to support their processes of analysis and authoring of parts catalogs, technical documentation and related after sales business information by integrating with the existing manufaturers ERP/PLM/management systems. e-PARTS TACS reduces the after sales catalogs/documents management time and costs and automates their publication on multiple channels (Web, Touch Devices, USB-Key/DVD and PDFs).

Browse easier and integrate with other corporate systems  

e-PARTS Explorer: the leading web-based solution which allows internal users, dealers, authorized service workshops and end-customers to browse parts catalogues, technical documentation and related after sales business information interactively. e-PARTS Explorer also supports e-Commerce processes such as the ordering on-line of spare parts and accessories. It integrates with corporate order-management system as well as with other existing systems.

e-PARTS-spare Parts