More details on our best-in-class structured documentation solution

The challenges of structured documentation

Today, publishing technical information requires increasingly flexible tools. They should be   able to manage constantly evolving contents and formats; moreover, it is vital that the information is made available through the Internet or a corporate LAN as well as through distribution to more traditional media, such as  DVDs and PDF files, in order to reach users who are not online yet or who are connected in a discontinuous and, in some cases, inefficient manner.

To address this issues, Key Technologies devoted more than two years of analysis and development to e-PARTS , its best-in-class structured documentation management solution. First implemented in 2002, e-PARTS has been constantly upgraded and updated to keep providing our customers with the most advanced innovative solutions.

What is e-PARTS?

Today e-PARTS is a complete service-oriented solution . Ever since the first version was released, many proven technologies have been implemented and it is frequently extended with new features and modules, covering a wide range of market needs .

e-PARTS is a complete and customizable web-based software solution that automates the creation and deployment of parts catalogs, technical documentation and related after sales business information for complex equipment. It easily transforms parts catalogs and technical documentation into interactive web based applications that can be integrated with services, support processes and existing back-office systems at the manufacturers’, customers’ and channel partners’ premises.

As result of years of experience in managing components of highly complex products, e-PARTS is a system that combines the use of state-of-the-art, non-proprietary technologies with great flexibility in the management of electronic catalogs and technical documentation that can be published on multiple channels . At the same time, it guarantees respect for international standards and the continuous evolution of the platform by both introducing and managing new functions and keeping up-to-date to the latest technological breakthroughs.

What e-PARTS can do for you

The e-PARTS solution is implemented through a basic business and data layer on which specialized business modules can be implemented and integrated for the management of various types of technical catalogues, documents and After Sales business processes such as:

  • Spare Parts Catalogue, ordering on-line, order tracking
  • Quick Reference (or High-Turnover) and Parts Reference Catalogues
  • Technical Documentation (e.g. Operator’s Manual, Maintenance Manual) & Service Bulletins  After Sales Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Reporting Tools
  • Service Packages, Scheduled Servicing
  • Accessories, Apparel and Merchandise Catalogues

Entering the core: e-PARTS TACS for Parts Catalogue

e-PARTS TACS is the leading web-based software solution which allows manufacturers to support their processes of analysis and authoring of parts catalogues, technical documentation and related after sales business information by the integration with the existing ERP/PLM/CAD systems.

e-PARTS TACS allows manufacturers to reduce time and costs related to the after sales catalogues/documents management and to automate their publication on multiple channels ( Web, Mobile, PDF, DVD ).

e-PARTS TACS is a complete solution dedicated to mid-large companies which enables users to operate from different locations, depending on roles and authorizations previously assigned by the e-PARTS administrator.

e-PARTS TACS includes many core and custom modules such as:

  • Integration Module: for integrating with the customer ERP/PLM/CAD systems in order to feed the data repository of the Authoring Tool with data such as BOM, Master Data, Substitutions, Design Changes, Technical Drawings, etc.
  • Authoring Module: for smartly creating and updating spare parts catalogues through the support of the e-PARTS intelligence tools
  • Analysis Module: for automatically warning authorized users in case of discrepancies found out in the spare parts catalogue data
  • Reporting and Statistics Module: for automatically produce reports about the quality and quantity of the authoring process (who has done what and how) and analysis about business KPIs
  • Publishing Module: for automatically publishing spare parts catalogues in PDF
  • Account Management Module: for easily managing users profiles, roles and authorizations

Why Key Technologies

Key Technologies ‘s After Sales Business Management software product line-up is based on the software platforme-PARTS. Key Technologies is a leading provider of after sales business management software solution and services and has a long experience and a strong expertise in spare parts catalogues and technical documentation management processes and global company’s needs.

With its best–in–class e-PARTS platform, Key Technologies supports several top brands in a variety of industries including automotive, agricultural, machinery, components and production systems which operate at world-wide level thanks to their distributors and dealers networks.