Flexible, advanced solutions for the most dynamic markets

Key Technologies have been working with maritime industries for decades now and have developed a wide range of digital solutions to support their customers’ business.

Monitoring and navigation analytics will no longer be your main concerns

We offer the leading navigation information solution on the market for Fleet Vessels Monitoring and Analytics, along with our services to produce accurate, high-quality and timely Travel Documentation and Travel Maps.


Fleet Monitoring and Analytics

Find out how Key Technologies solution could give you total control over your moving business, enabling you to monitor your vessels and analyze of onboard data in real time.


Travel Documentation

Carnival turned to Key Technologies to design and deploy the Neptune Platform, the most advanced fleet management solution which helps Carnival to collect, monitor and analyze a wide range of information coming from each of the 100+ Group vessels, each day.


Travel Maps

Find out how Key Technologies deals with the massive production of maps for different channels, markets and languages in a timely way.