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Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality at Key Technologies with our Monitoring & Analytics solution.


With our Monitoring solution we collect onboard data (GPS, heading, temperature, radar targets, voyage plans, thrusters, webcams, AIS etc.) using standard protocols like  NMEA, ModBus and OPC   Then we aggregate these data shoreside where they are analyzed in real time by our application to detect alarm conditions (out-of-route, UKC, …) which are promptly notified and processed according to specific workflow.

The Monitoring platform is a web-based application that geographically displays in real-time the navigation condition of each ship of the fleet together with all the alarm spots.


The huge quantity of data collected through the Monitoring system are aggregated and analyzed using BI technologies in order to identify trends that are vital to improve onboard safety energy saving maintenance .

Using a simple web browser these trends could be analyzed using the powerful tools of our Analytics platform through meaningful data grids charts heat maps dashboards  and more.