Delivering more value to your customers

Customer experience is pivotal to increase loyalty and consolidate reputation. At Key Technologies, we have developed a broad range of on-board solutions that will make your customers enjoy their cruise like never before and will engage and motivate your crew to work more efficiently.


Our Chat&VOIP app available on iOS and Android enhance the customer esperience onboard and turns into an essential companion also shoreside. It supports iBeacons detection that can be used for message pushing or easyfront desk recognition . It also integrates with local PBX to enable call to and from cabins for onboard customer and crew members and can be easily integrated with external system to included additional services like purchasing excursions or indoor location.


Our Cruise Viewer gives to your customers an impressive way to view on any device the navigation status of all the ships of the fleet including maps, itineraries and additional infos about ports and any point of interest.


Our Captive Portal allows the customers to purchase onboard services using any device (tablet, smartphone, pc) integrating with local PMS.