SDF has chosen Key Technologies for its B2B eCommerce portal.
SDF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors, harvesting machines and diesel engines. It distributes products through the SameDeutz-FahrLamborghini TrattoriHürlimann and Grégoire.

The Company has its headquarters in North Italy and its strategy is based on offering an extensive product range, on expanding its sales network on key and emerging markets, on giving its production capacity an international dimension, on overseeing technological know-how internally developing core components.
SDF has more than 3,800 employees and in 2019 the company recorded a revenue of € 1,268 million and an EBITDA of 8.7%.

Business needs
To directly reach the end-customers as well as the independent workshops in addition to the official dealer network

To enrich the after-sales offering with third-party products in order to attract increasingly more customers on the Product Information Portal, turning it into a Marketplace specializing in after-sales products for the agricultural equipment industry.

To implement the Marketplace as part of a larger Product Information Portal implemented on top of the E-PARTS platform, including for example solutions for the management of the SPC related to the Machines of the Group, the management of the Scheduled Maintenance Plans of the Machines, …

In response to this need, the Digital Product Information Portal implemented for SDF is aimed at the digital commerce of the after-sales products and services of the Group (e.g. Accessories, Trade Parts, Lubricants, Workshop Tools, Service Contracts, …), also enabling third-party vendors to list their products and to directly interact with buyers …

+15.000 managed products and services.
+3.000 SDF network dealers connected to the B2B eCommerce portal.
120-000 B2C users including 4,000 registered to the B2C eCommerce portal for the Italy market alone.

R. Corci – Service IT manager
Key Technologies’ experience and integrated technology skills have enabled SDF to release a functional and flexible eCommerce platform that can meet the complex needs of both the business users in its network and the home users.