Flexible, advanced solutions for the most dynamic markets

Travel & Cruises will be the fastest growing sector in the forthcoming years and the digital needs of the top players will be growing as well. We at Key Technologies have been working with this industry for decades now, and have developed a complete range of digital solutions to support our customers in researching effective positioning on increasingly competitive markets.


Our thoroughly knowledge of CMS allows us to address enterprise-level issues with an integrated approach, especially by integrating contents from the reservation systems. Our web services make contents available to your users in a structured manner to help you build your customized system and empower you to make services available to third parties too, for integration into the system.

Our portfolio ranges from B2B and B2C websites and documentation management to on-board portals, up to an app for Chat & VoIP that enables outgoing and incoming calla through the ship’s PBX — and many more. If monitoring and navigation analytics are your main concerns, we offer you Fleet Monitoring and Analytics , the leading navigation information solution on the market, while accuracy and ease of use are the key features of Travel Maps , our next-generation map generation system.

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