After-Sales Technical Documentation

Bringing technical documentation to the next level
Keeping your contents always updated and synced, delivered to the correct recipient systems in the correct version? It’s easier than ever with EDOC: a rule engine platform that enables you to configure, process, dispatch and monitor all of your document requests.

Traditional tools and approaches within the technical documentation, while facilitating the production of documentation, cause the proliferation of information: overload, dispersion, duplication, lack of context and hiding may be seen as the typical issues to be taken care of.

Some of the issues EDOC helps you prevent:

  • Information overload– the platform can manage huge contents with frequent information updates.
  • Information dispersion – one centralized “place” instead of many different locations (intranet, internet, e-mail, personal computers, paper)
  • Information duplication – it is no more necessary to repeat contents many times, with subsequent problems in keeping the different locations aligned and correctly updated
  • Unstructured information – each document has sometimes a kind of internal organization, but is missing additional semantic data allowing efficient searching and classification: EDOC will add the semantic approach.
  • Information without context – each piece of information can be linked to other relevant documents, making it easier for the user to orient in the “information jungle.
  • Lots of tacit and hidden knowledge does exist, which can be shared through EDOC.
  • Poor content, only textual, not attractive, difficult to read and remember can now be avoided.

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