Parts Catalogs And Service Business

EPARTS: the leading software platform for after-sales business
One of the main aims of the EPARTS solutions ecosystem is to support Manufacturers in the centralization process of the products data coming from the different Manufacturer systems, such as ERP, PLM, WMS, in terms of item master data, eBOM, product features, design changes, for the creation of a centralized Knowledge Base of the after-sales product data and services information that also turns into one of the main pillars for the implementation of the EPARTS software solutions.
The EPARTS solutions shown in the middle of the picture are aimed at supporting Manufacturers internal users in the creation, authoring and management of Parts Catalogs, Technical Documentation and Service Business information, for the management of:

  • Digital Spare Parts Catalogs
  • Product Information Management
  • Scheduled & Preventive Maintenance Plans and Service Contract Baseline
  • Accessories, Options and Upgrades Catalogs
  • Apparel and Merchandise Catalogs
  • Technical Documentation of the equipment and Service Bulletins
  • Parts Analytics solutions, to support Manufacturers in strategic after-sales business decisions
  • and many more...
  • Create a single-source publishing

    The EPARTS platform capitalizes on the enriched after-sales Knowledge Base to create a single-source publishing of the after-sales products data and services information, consistent for the different publication channels, such as:
    digital pim

    Digital Product Information Portalsto easily find products and services at Serial Number level (e.g. spare parts, accessories, maintenance instructions, ...) and manage Digital Commerce with the Manufacturer.

     KeyTechnologies Marketplace

    Enterprise Marketplace solutionsthrough the which the Manufacturers can enrich their after-sales products offering on the Digital Commerce platform trough products provided by third-party vendors.


    Any authorized third-party systemas the EPARTS platform is designed to also behave as a headless application, that can make available the product data of the Manufacturer on the basis of a typical API-driven approach.


    Authoring has never been so effective

    The EPARTS TACS application is a leading web-based software solution aimed at supporting Manufacturers internal users in the creation, authoring and management of after-sales product catalogs, technical documentation and maintenance business information.

    EPARTS TACS helps significantly reduce effort and costs for the after-sales catalogs/documentation authoring and management processes, while also streamlining the publication on a variety of channels accessible across different devices and formats (e.g. desktop and mobile devices, PDF, InDesign, ).

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