Commerce For After-Sales Business

Leverage after-sales potential
Over the last years after-sales product and service offering has turned into one of the largest revenue sources for Manufacturers in many industries. Through the Digital Commerce solutions of Key Technologies, Manufacturers can sell after-sales products and services both to companies and to end-customers, also according to B2B2C business models.

Picture below shows the EPARTS Digital Commerce technology stack.
The Digital Commerce solutions capitalize on the enriched Knowledge Base created through the EPARTS solutions for the Manufacturer’s after-sales offering (spare parts, accessories, service contracts,) to allow customers to easily find products and service information at Serial Number level, in terms of spare parts, accessories, consumables, lubricants, options & upgrade products and service contracts.

In addition, the Product Information Management solution (Pimento) of the EPARTS platform provides Manufacturers with the ability to improve product data quality and consistency resulting in increased buyer confidence.
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Enterprise Marketplaces: harness the core capabilities of Digital Commerce

Enterprise Marketplaces are digital channels operated by Manufacturers who invite third-party sellers to list their products and interact with buyers.

Enterprise Marketplace solutions rely on commerce functions from the core commerce engine adding new features to deal with the complexity of serving multiple sellers while maintaining a consistent buyer experience. Third-party vendors can list their products and interact with buyers through specific additional features such as seller onboarding, product data mapping, product aggregation and deduplication, order routing and reporting for sellers.

Enterprise Marketplaces motivations and benefits for manufacturers

Enterprise Marketplaces offer many business benefits, such as increased product catalog sizes, fewer out-of-stock scenarios, lower inventory and fulfillment costs for third-party products, retention of ownership of customers by providing an engaging direct shopping experience, and new sources of revenue.

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