Fleet Monitoring & Analytics

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Our Fleet Monitoring solution help fleet owners and managers evaluating vessels conditions and driver operation. Our IoT-based telematics solutions collect, store, and analyze telemetry data providing situation awareness to vessel / fleet managers and ship‑owners.


Telemetry data collected from onboard equipment (i.e.: VDR, Automation, Engine/Energy System, ) over multiple protocols is sent shoreside for real time analysis and alarm conditions detection promptly notified and processed according to specific workflow.

The monitoring system geographically displays the real‑time operating condition of every piece of equipment in your fleet along with alarm events. In addition, Equipments Digital Twin are provided to shoreside experts and supervisors. Big data analysis techniques are used to identify trends that are vital to improve onboard safety, energy saving and maintenance.

Trends could be analyzed using our powerful analytics tools through meaningful data grids, charts, heat maps, dashboards and more.



Is the platform created by Key Technologies for the maritime Industry to allow monitoring and analysis of telemetry data acquired from heterogeneous systems on board of vessels.



Carnival turned to Key Technologies to design and deploy the Neptune Platform, the most advanced fleet management solution which helps Carnival to collect, monitor and analyze a wide range of information coming from each of the 100+ Group vessels, each day.